Holiday Cards Available

I am excited to announce that I will be offering beautiful new customizable holiday cards this year in a variety of styles.  Cards are available as traditional folded cards (with 2 images/card), postcard style cards (with 1 or 2 images/card, printed with text on the front and back) and photocards (with 1 image and text on the front only).  Another option is having your photo printed (without any text or decorations) to place in your own holiday cards.  Holiday photo sessions are available at special rates Oct.1 – Nov. 9, 2008.  Please visit the session fees and holiday card sections of the Pricing page on my website for more details.  Below is a quick peek at some of the holiday cards available.  Visit the Portrait Galleries & Card page on my website to see the full line of samples.

Double the Joy!

I had the pleasure this summer to photograph this adorable set of twin baby boys.  The photographic assignment began with their baptism ceremony and celebration and ended in the studio with a formal shoot of the boys in their “uniforms” (as their mom put it!).  I felt honored to be a part of this important family event.  You could see the love the entire family has for these little boys and everyone seemed to truly enjoy the celebration.  The next month, during the formal portrait session, the boys were full of smiles and curiosity.  I really enjoyed the fun challenge of getting both of them sitting still and looking forward for at least a few photos.  However, they mostly wanted to wiggle towards me and even try to get a hand on my camera!


"Give me that camera!"

New Site Lauched!

It took me a long time, but I finally got my new website up and running!  The new address is  I hope you enjoy browsing through the galleries.   I will continue to update the site and add new photos on a regular basis so keep checking back.  I will also be posting to this weblog weekly with up-to-date information about the services I provide and specials offered by tracy bodeo photography.  Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.  Thank you for visiting!