Update: The Crafting for Paws Fundraiser has been postponed until September 25th, 2011

The Crafting for Paws fundraiser has been postponed until Sunday, September 25th, 2011 because of the hurricane/tropical storm that will be coming through our area tonight and tomorrow.  Besides the change of date, everything else will remain the same.  To read about the details of the event, see below or click http://fetchingpetportraits.net/2011/08/09/crafting-for-paws-fundraiser-on-august-28th/.

Can you find these billboards?; Business photography in the Lehigh Valley by Tracy Bodeo

Earlier this summer I was hired by Dr. Steven Mortazavi of Valley Pain Specialists ( http://www.valleypainspecialists.com/ ) to do the photography for two new local billboards.  In the past, I photographed individual staff members for their business headshots, which also appeared on several billboards, but this time the goal was to show what Valley Pain Specialists can do for people– help them to live their lives pain-free.  It was a pleasure to work with the models as well as Dr. Mortazavi.  Below are the original “proofs” of both billboards.  They were modified by the advertising agency so that the proportions were correctly sized and so that they can be read clearly from the highway.  See if you can find them around town… one is in Bethlehem; the other is in Allentown.