A few more winter animal portraits; Sharp-shinned hawk, Goldfinch, Song Sparrow and a squirrel; nature photography by Tracy Bodeo

Here are a few more visitors I have had the pleasure of seeing in my yard during this winter’s snow…

The male Goldfinches will be getting their beautiful bright yellow feathers as soon as the spring arrives.  For now, they still have their winter colors.


This Song Sparrow was fun to watch as he “drank” the snow.  It’s hard to see in this image, but he still has snow on his short bill.


The abundance of small birds in my yard also brings in some larger ones…. The Sharped-shinned and Cooper’s Hawks often dive in and chase the little ones in and out of the trees.  It is very interesting to see, but I can’t help but wish for a failed attempt while I’m watching.


Other year-round visitors that spend a lot of time in my yard stuffing themselves full of sunflower seeds, is the Grey Squirrel.  They wreak havoc on my feeders, but I enjoy their antics anyway!


Winter birds- Northern Cardinal, Horned Lark and Canada Goose; nature photography by Tracy Bodeo

It has been a cold winter with more snow than I expected.  The snow makes driving more difficult, of course, and there have been an unusually high number of delayed openings and days off from school this season.  Even though I have heard many people complain about the harsh weather and express their opinion that they are ready for spring, I can’t help but enjoy every snowfall we have had. I love the snow. I love the beauty of the snowflakes and the way the snow coats the trees and ground.  If we are going to have the cold, we might as well have snow to accompany it.  Along with the beauty of the snow, comes some wonderful nature photo opportunities….

Cardinal in the Pines:CardinalinSnow1

Horned Lark in the field:HornedLark1-2

Canada Goose with snow and golden light:GoldenGoose