Oh happy day- back to photography!; Lehigh Valley, Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown, nature, portrait, pet and fine art photographer Tracy Bodeo

I wanted to share a few images I shot today on my first just-for-fun photo outing in far too long.  In January I decided to take several classes at one of our local colleges.  I didn’t think it would be that difficult to add in a few classes to my already hectic life, but it was!  Once involved in my classes, I realized that I would not be able to devote as much time to my family and my photography and do well in all aspects.  So, photography had to get put on the “back burner” for a while.  Fortunately the load has been lifted; as of this past Friday I am officially done with all classes and finals and back in photographic business!

I’d like to apologize to anyone that I have not gotten back to, who may have tried to reach me via email recently.  Between being busy with school and getting a new computer, I have missed and lost many emails in the transition and have not had the time to find them and get back to everyone.  Although my modified summer hours will begin as soon my children’s school year ends, I should have a little more time to work on my personal photography as well as take on more portrait sessions.

In the meantime, here is one set of the images I got today, “Dogwoods and Dandelion Seeds”….

LMPcol-Flowers1 copy

Can you find these billboards?; Business photography in the Lehigh Valley by Tracy Bodeo

Earlier this summer I was hired by Dr. Steven Mortazavi of Valley Pain Specialists ( http://www.valleypainspecialists.com/ ) to do the photography for two new local billboards.  In the past, I photographed individual staff members for their business headshots, which also appeared on several billboards, but this time the goal was to show what Valley Pain Specialists can do for people– help them to live their lives pain-free.  It was a pleasure to work with the models as well as Dr. Mortazavi.  Below are the original “proofs” of both billboards.  They were modified by the advertising agency so that the proportions were correctly sized and so that they can be read clearly from the highway.  See if you can find them around town… one is in Bethlehem; the other is in Allentown.