Macro award-winning image “Green-Eyed Dragonfly”; nature photography by Tracy Bodeo

I was able to capture this interesting view of a dragonfly on a trip to Florida visiting with friends.  The image was taken in the natural area beyond their backyard where an alligator (or two) now resides.  Dragonflies are my favorite insects.  I love their delicate-looking wings and large eyes and the way they fly and can turn their heads.  They are also beautiful and come in a great variety of colors.  This “Green-Eyed Dragonfly” was hanging out on a branch in the wind and kept putting his wings down farther than I am used to seeing.  He seemed to be staring right at me!

I entered the image in the Hillcrest Camera Club’s monthly nature competition for June as well as in the flickr  “Wonderful World of Macro” insect-themed June competition.  The image received a second place in both!

Photography Exhibit featuring work by Tracy Bodeo and the Hillcrest Camera Club is now open at the Gallery at St. John’s

The photography exhibit by the Hillcrest Camera Club is now open at the Gallery at St. John’s.  The exhibit is open on Sundays from noon to 3:00 pm through June 6th, 2010 and from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm June 13th thru June 27th, 2010.

There will be an “Artist’s Talk” at 12:00 pm on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010.  Come out and meet some of the featured photographers while browsing their beautiful and award-winning artwork.  Learn more about the artists and their photographic techniques.

“Rosey” wins Merit Award from PSA & Honorable Mention from NJFCC; portrait photography by Tracy Bodeo of Bethlehem, PA

I was very pleased to find out that one of my images {“Rosey”) from a studio session this fall won a Merit Award from the Photographic Society of America (PSA).  The image was also just awarded an Honorable Mention by the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs.  In both competitions the image was entered into the Pictorial category, which is a digital competition that covers a little of everything.  I am always pleasantly surprized when a studio Portrait wins an award mixed in a group with beautiful landscapes, interesting street photography & amazing nature & macro work.  My image received a 14 out of 15 points (in the PSA competition), which means that the judges must have been very happy with both its technical quality and its overall impact/presentation.  Of course, having this beautiful girl as the subject certainly doesn’t hurt!

New Award-Winners; nature photography by Tracy Bodeo

It is always interesting to hear what a judge thinks about the photography we enter into the digital and print competitions.  I am going to put together a gallery of some of my award-winning images to show the variation in what different judges choose as their favorites.  Last night at the Hillcrest Camera Club competition, I entered an image I liked but I wasn’t necessarily confident about because I didn’t know if the judge would appreciate it.  My entry was of a flower and is titled “Beautiful Clover” (shown below) and it was awarded 2nd place in the nature category.  The second image shown below is called “Red-Wing Take-Off”.  It is of a female red-winged blackbird taking flight from a flower.  Although I don’t think it won in our local Hillcrest Competition, it received an Honorable Mention in the last New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC) Nature Competition.

“Soft” wins Color Print of the Year (2008-09) at the Hillcrest Camera Club

At the end June 2009, the Hillcrest Camera Club (HCC) had its annual awards banquet and end of the year competition.  As always, it was a very enjoyable evening spending time with the members of this camera club.  It was also a very exciting night for me… for the 3rd year running, I received the award for “Nature Image-Maker of the Year” and “Pictorial Image-Maker of the Year”!  Also, my photograph “Soft” (shown below) won “Color Print of the Year” (2008-09)!  I love this photo (taken of the adorable baby of one of my clients)– but with all of the amazing scenic prints that were entered this year for “color print of the year” I was surprised that the panel of judges chose my image– very pleasantly surprised!


“Artist’s talk” at photography exhibit on June 7th, 2009

A photography exhibit featuring the work of the Hillcrest Camera Club including photographer Tracy Bodeo, is being held at the Art Gallery at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Easton, PA.  The Art Gallery is open every Sunday and the photography of the HCC will be exhibited until the end of June.  At 12:00 noon on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 there will be an “artist’s talk” at the gallery.   Several photographers from the Hillcrest Camera Club will be there to share the inspiration behind their work.  Come out and meet the photographers and learn something about a wonderful form of art!

The Art Gallery at St. John’s Lutheran Church is located at 330 Ferry Street Easton, PA 18042


“Discovery” chosen as a NWF Magazine photo group finalist!

Several weeks ago I entered my photo “Discovery” into the National Wildlife Federation Magazine’s first online photo competition.  The photo was taken on a trail in the woods near our house.  My kids were running up and down the path picking up and showing each other all the neat insects, worms and other bugs they were finding.  I was ahead of them on the path and stopped to watch what they were doing.  I loved the way the light was coming through the trees and hitting their blonde hair.  It was perfect when they both leaned in to see a very interesting little creature they had found, and the light illuminated their hair as well as their hands and what they were holding (although we will never know what it was exactly!).  They had made a golden, glowing discovery.

Over 1700 photos were entered into this “Nature in my Neighborhood” competition, and my “Discovery” was chosen as one of 6 finalists.  The public can now vote to determine the winner of the NWF Magazine’s first themed photo contest.  If you would like to vote for my photo, please visit the following link: .  (If the link doesn’t work directly, copy and paste it into your browser).  Then click the dot next to Photo #6 (Discovery) and submit your vote.  Thank you so much for your consideration!



Reflections Competition

The Hillcrest Camera Club held its latest competition meeting last Monday evening and the assigned subject was “Reflections” in all catagories (Monochrome & Color Prints, Pictorial Projected Images and Projected Nature Images).  It was a beautiful competition to see… wonderful use of color and shape, interesting compositions and many unique images.  I was very happy to be the recipient of 4 of the awards that evening!

waterlily-b1WaterLily— 1st Place – Nature



Warped Building3rd Place- Pictorial



Swan’s Rorschuch— 3rd Place – Monochrome Prints



Getting My Ducks in a Row— 2nd Place- Pictorial


To learn more about the Hillcrest Camera Club, please visit their website at  We love visitors and new members.