The baby American Robins fledge! — Our new “houseguests” – Part 6 and final

The baby robins living in the nest in the wreath on our front door have fledged!  The baby shown below is approximately 2.5 weeks old.  The babies jumped out of the nest and started hanging out in the vines around the porch.  I lost track of 2 of the fledglings, but one stayed in the vines for most of the day.  By the next day, they were all totally out of sight and everything was quiet.  It was a great experience getting to watch the parents build their nest and to see the birds up-close from eggs to babies to fledglings.  We enjoyed hearing them call to their parents for food and admired all the mom and dad’s hard work.  It was nice having those extra little lives in our lives.  We are hoping they choose to stay with us again next spring!




American Robins @ 2 weeks — Our new “houseguests” — Part 4

     I got a little behind on my robin updates… but there was a dramatic change in the baby robins between week one and two…. 

    By the time the babies were two weeks old, their speckled feathers grew in and they became so cute!  They started flapping their wings and crowding each other in their nest.

    The photos below were taken when the baby robins were ~2 weeks old.  There are two photos of the parents feeding their babies–  one is of the dad and one is of the mom– can you tell the difference?



Baby robins sleeping and waiting for mom or dad to show up with more food…



Here comes a nice juicy worm…



What good parents!




Our new “houseguests” — American Robins — Part 2

Last weekend the American Robin’s eggs hatched!  Here is what the 3 tiny babies looked like approximately 1 day old….


(Read my previous blog entry “Our new houseguests — American Robins!” to find out more.)  And remember to keep checking back!



Our new “houseguests” — American Robins!

     Approximately three weeks ago a pair of American Robins started hanging around our front porch.  Every time we would go in or out of our front door the frightened pair would sound an alarm call as they would fly into a nearby tree or bush.  We were not sure at first what was going on, but soon noticed the spiral of twigs developing within the wreath hanging on our front door!  Last year we had robins build nests in the hanging flower baskets on the porch.  This year I was late putting out the new baskets and the robin pair decided that the wreath on the door in their territory would have to do– even with us swinging the wreath as we went in and out the door!

      The nest was completed in several days and then the Robins seemed to disappear.  After several more days the pair reappeared and one egg was laid in the nest.  One more egg was laid on the each of the next 2 days for a total of 3 eggs– three beautiful, speckled, blue eggs!  Keep checking back to see what happens….




“Artist’s talk” at photography exhibit on June 7th, 2009

A photography exhibit featuring the work of the Hillcrest Camera Club including photographer Tracy Bodeo, is being held at the Art Gallery at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Easton, PA.  The Art Gallery is open every Sunday and the photography of the HCC will be exhibited until the end of June.  At 12:00 noon on Sunday, June 7th, 2009 there will be an “artist’s talk” at the gallery.   Several photographers from the Hillcrest Camera Club will be there to share the inspiration behind their work.  Come out and meet the photographers and learn something about a wonderful form of art!

The Art Gallery at St. John’s Lutheran Church is located at 330 Ferry Street Easton, PA 18042