Success for the Forever Fetching Pet Portrait Fundraiser at AVH Vet Group; Lehigh Valley pet photography

I am happy to announce that our first ever Forever Fetching Pet Portrait fundraiser was a great success.  Thank you to the AVH Veterinary Group for hosting the event which benefitted the Center for Animal Health and Welfare.  AVH covered the expenses and advertising for the event while I provided the photographic services.  The event would not have been possible without all the help from volunteers Sally Master, Dr. Dymond and Kelly from AVH as well as fellow photographer Robert Thompson and AVH friend Debbie.

We had a great time working with so many wonderful dogs and their families.  Countless hours (and lots of tasty dog treats!) were put into the event and thousands of images were taken to provide the best possible end product for the participants and raise money for the Center for Animal Health and Welfare.  Over that weekend, I photographed 25 dogs (plus the AVH mascot Clyde the cat!) and in the end we collected $1636.00 and collected a bunch of dog food, cat food and kitty litter!  There are SO many animals at the Center that need care; it is nice we were able to help out a little.

I am now in the process of editing and printing the images for the participants.  Here are a few of our favorites so far: 

Meet JetStream the Silken Windhound-

  This is Farly and Scooby– What a great pair!

 Chica is a little princess!